Sydney Printers and Photocopiers

Sydney Printer and photocopier is a family owned business we pride ourselves on finding you the best deal available in the market. In todays market you can spend anywhere from 1000$ – 50,000$ on a machine. This can be a massive investment and time consuming process. Whether your looking for high quality or low prices we aim to give you the best of both world.

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We aim to reduce costs and also provide you with a low energy consumption machine. This is often overlooked and some estimates in power usage on the average photocopier can be up too $3,500 per year with a low energy consumption machine coming down to roughly $700 per year. This may not sound like massive savings however over a full year this can be huge.

Digital prinetrs MFP’s

In todays world a photocopier machine can literally do everything from sending a fax to taking a phone call to even sending an email. We believe an important part of the process is assessing your office needs should your office contain multiple machines for all these purposes it makes sense to combine all these actions into one piece of machinery. The cost savings can be massive and it can save an enourmous ammount of time and power usage should this be properly soughted and assesed.

Printing Paper assesment

One of the biggest savings in the last few years has been a move away from high quality print paper over to low quality paper but high quality print machines if your office is doing large volumes of print this option needs to be looked at and assesed the savings can literalluy be huge.