How to Evaluate a Printer

A printer with an inkjet printhead uses liquid ink, which is usually coloured dye, or liquid with solid pigments suspended in it, to create images. The ink is applied to the paper and then passes perpendicularly through a print head that contains a series of holes. When an electrical current or heat is applied, a small drop of ink is expelled from each of these holes onto the paper. This results in thousands of tiny dots that make up an image.

The DPI, or dots per inch, of a printer is an important measurement. A higher DPI means that printed text and images will be clearer and more detailed. It also indicates a printer’s ability to print at high resolutions. While DPI is not a perfect measurement, it is an important factor to look for when evaluating a printer.

There are different types of printers with different capabilities. Some printers are more expensive than others. High-quality laser printers produce prints at high speeds. Color laser printers are most often used in professional settings. Some printers also have the ability to print 3-D objects. These printers take a digital file and add layers of material until the desired object is completed.

There are two main types of printers: laser and inkjet. Both types of printers can produce a variety of different documents. The type you purchase will depend on how much you print.